License type
License URL
Reason to use
Retrofit 2.9.0 Apache 2.0 Networking - Communicate with backend
OkHttp 4.9.3 Apache 2.0 Networking - Communicate with backend
Moshi 1.11.0 Apache 2.0 A modern JSON library for Kotlin and Java.
Conscrypt 2.5.2 Apache 2.0 Security, cryptography
Koin 3.1.5 Apache 2.0 Dependency injection
ZXing 4.3.0 Apache 2.0 Read QR codes
Flexbox Layout 3.0.0 Apache 2.0 Layout manager
Firebase Crashlytics 18.2.6 Custom Crash reporting
Lottie 5.2.0 Apache 2.0 Handy library for playing animations described in a json.
Glide 4.12.0 BSD, part MIT
and Apache 2.0 Image loader
Lib phone number Apache 2.0 Validating phone numbers
Time Zone Map 4.5 MIT, ODbL for data Getting timezone data from coordinates





License type

License URL

Reason to use

Firebase Crashlytics

8.12.1 Custom Crash reporting
Alamofire 5.4.4 MIT An HTTP networking library
AlamofireImage 4.2.0 MIT An image component library for Alamofire
AlamofireNetworkActivityLogger 3.4.0 MIT Network activitz logger for Alamofire
TPKeyboardAvoiding 1.3.5 zlib Helper lib for scrolling an input field to the visible area in a UIScrollView
Disk 0.6.4 MIT Simpler storage lib - storing room and luminaire informations
Lottie 3.4.3 Apache 2.0 Handy library for playing animations described in a json.
SwiftyUserDefaults 5.3.0 MIT Modern API for NSUserDefaults
AnyCodable-FlightSchool 0.6.2 MIT Type-erased wrappers for Encodable, Decodable, and Codable values
Starscream 3.1.1 Apache 2.0

A conforming WebSocket (RFC 6455) library
MDCCommon 1.4.0 - Custom Private A library owned by Mondriaan MDC that contains basic helper/utility classes and extensions
KeychainAccess 4.2.2 MIT Wrapper library for keychain access.
SwiftJWT 3.6.200 Apache 2.0 An implementation of JSON Web Token using Swift.
AppCenter/Distribute 4.4.1 MIT Continuous integration, delivery and learning solution for iOS apps.
libPhoneNumber-iOS 0.9.15 Apache 2.0 Phone number validation library.
LatLongToTimezone 1.1.6 MIT Lat/long to timezone mapper

Cloud service

License type
License URL
Reason to use
@azure/storage-blob 12.2.1 MIT LICENSE Microsoft Azure Storage SDK for JavaScript - Blob
@casl/ability 5.3.1 MIT LICENSE CASL is an isomorphic authorization JavaScript library which restricts what resources a given user is allowed to access
@fidm/x509 1.2.1 MIT LICENSE Pure JavaScript X509 certificate tools for Node.js
@stoplight/json-ref-resolver 3.1.3 Apache-2.0 LICENSE For automatic swagger schema resolution
applicationinsights 1.8.10 MIT LICENSE Microsoft Application Insights module for Node.js
awesome-phonenumber 2.59.0 MIT LICENSE Phone number validation
axios 0.19.2 MIT LICENSE Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js
bcryptjs 2.4.3 MIT LICENSE Optimized bcrypt in plain JavaScript with zero dependencies. Compatible to 'bcrypt'.
bluebird 3.7.2 MIT LICENSE Full featured Promises/A+ implementation with exceptionally good performance
body-parser 1.19.0 MIT LICENSE Node.js body parsing middleware
cache-manager-fs-binary 1.0.4 MIT LICENSE file system store for node cache manager with binary data as files
cache-manager 3.4.0 MIT LICENSE Cache module for Node.js
cls-hooked 4.2.2 BSD-2-Clause LICENSE CLS using AsynWrap instead of async-listener - Node >= 4.7.0
compression 1.7.4 MIT LICENSE Node.js compression middleware
config 3.3.1 MIT LICENSE Configuration control for production node deployments
content-disposition 0.5.3 MIT LICENSE Create and parse Content-Disposition header
cookie-parser 1.4.6 MIT LICENSE To parse cookies
cors 2.8.5 MIT LICENSE Node.js CORS middleware
dotenv 8.2.0 BSD-2-Clause LICENSE Loads environment variables from .env file
express-basic-auth 1.2.0 MIT LICENSE Plug & play basic auth middleware for express
express-bearer-token 2.4.0 n/a LICENSE Bearer token middleware for express.
express 4.17.1 MIT LICENSE Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework
geo-tz 7.0.1 MIT LICENSE Geographical timezone lookup package
handlebars 4.7.6 MIT LICENSE Handlebars provides the power necessary to let you build semantic templates effectively with no frustration
helmet 4.1.1 MIT LICENSE help secure Express/Connect apps with various HTTP headers
hertzy 0.1.1 Apache-2.0 LICENSE Event bus channel
hex2dec 1.1.2 Apache-2.0 LICENSE Arbitrary precision decimal/hexadecimal converter.
i18next 20.3.2 MIT LICENSE Use for localised documentation
i18next-express-middleware 2.0.0 MIT LICENSE This middleware detects the language from header data
i18next-fs-backend 1.1.1 MIT LICENSE Load localization files from filesystem
immutable 4.0.0-rc.12 MIT LICENSE Immutable Data Collections
ioredis 4.26.0 MIT LICENSE A robust, performance-focused and full-featured Redis client for Node.js.
joi 14.3.1 BSD-3-Clause LICENSE Object schema validation
json-diff 0.5.4 n/a LICENSE JSON diff
json-map-transform 1.2.6 MIT LICENSE Node library that transforms a json object or an array of json objects based on tranformation template
jsonwebtoken 8.5.1 MIT LICENSE JSON Web Token implementation (symmetric and asymmetric)
link-module-alias 1.2.0 MIT LICENSE Create permanent links for _moduleAliases
lodash 4.17.19 MIT LICENSE Lodash modular utilities.
mask-deep 3.0.5 ISC LICENSE Mask values within nested arrays and objects
memoizee 0.4.15 ISC LICENSE Memoize/cache function results
merge 1.2.1 MIT LICENSE (recursive)? merging of (cloned)? objects.
microtime 3.0.0 MIT LICENSE Get the current time in microseconds
moment 2.27.0 MIT LICENSE Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates
morgan 1.10.0 MIT LICENSE HTTP request logger middleware for node.js
ms 2.1.2 MIT LICENSE Tiny millisecond conversion utility
multer 1.4.2 MIT LICENSE Middleware for handling `multipart/form-data`.
mysql2 2.1.0 MIT LICENSE fast mysql driver. Implements core protocol, prepared statements, ssl and compression in native JS
node-cron 2.0.3 ISC LICENSE A simple cron-like task scheduler for Node.js
nodemailer 6.4.11 MIT LICENSE Easy as cake e-mail sending from your Node.js applications
pdfmake 0.1.68 MIT LICENSE Client/server side PDF printing in pure JavaScript
prettyjson 1.2.1 MIT LICENSE Package for formatting JSON data in a coloured YAML-style, perfect for CLI output
ramda 0.26.1 MIT LICENSE A practical functional library for JavaScript programmers.
randomstring 1.1.5 MIT LICENSE A module for generating random strings
redlock 4.1.0 MIT LICENSE A node.js redlock implementation for distributed redis locks
sequelize-cli 5.5.1 MIT LICENSE The Sequelize CLI
sequelize 5.22.3 MIT LICENSE Multi dialect ORM for Node.JS
sharp 0.28.1 Apache-2.0 LICENSE High performance Node.js image processing, the fastest module to resize JPEG, PNG, WebP, AVIF and TIFF images
swagger-jsdoc 6.2.1 MIT LICENSE To generate swagger API docs
tmp 0.1.0 MIT LICENSE Temporary file and directory creator
uuid 3.4.0 MIT LICENSE RFC4122 (v1, v4, and v5) UUIDs
verror 1.10.0 MIT LICENSE richer JavaScript errors
vorpal 1.12.0 MIT LICENSE Node's first framework for building immersive CLI apps.
winston-azure-application-insights 3.0.0 MIT LICENSE Azure Application Insights transport for Winston
winston-daily-rotate-file 4.5.0 MIT LICENSE A transport for winston which logs to a rotating file each day.
winston-verror-format 1.0.2 MIT LICENSE Winston@3 verror full stack trace, with all nested errors recursively reported.
winston 3.3.3 MIT LICENSE A logger for just about everything.
ws 7.3.1 MIT LICENSE Simple to use, blazing fast and thoroughly tested websocket client and server for Node.js


Name@version License Url
@coddicat/vue-pinch-scroll-zoom@1.2.1 MIT
awesome-phonenumber@2.72.0 MIT
axios@0.27.2 MIT
bootstrap-vue@2.22.0 MIT
bootstrap@4.6.1 MIT
core-js@3.22.3 MIT
countries-and-timezones@3.3.0 MIT
dayjs-plugin-utc@0.1.2 MIT
dayjs-timezone-iana-plugin@0.1.0 Apache-2.0
dayjs@1.11.1 MIT
jquery@3.6.0 MIT
leaflet-geosearch@3.6.0 MIT
leaflet@1.8.0 BSD-2-Clause
lodash@4.17.21 MIT
portal-vue@2.1.7 MIT
vee-validate@3.4.14 MIT
vue-i18n@8.27.1 MIT
vue-native-websocket@2.0.15 MIT
vue-nl2br@0.1.2 MIT
vue-router@3.5.3 MIT
vue-select@3.18.3 MIT
vue2-leaflet-geosearch@1.0.6 MIT
vue2-leaflet@2.7.1 MIT
vue2-timepicker@1.1.6 MIT
vue@2.6.14 MIT
vuex-multi-tab-state@1.0.17 MIT
vuex-persistedstate@3.2.1 MIT
vuex@3.6.2 MIT